Andrew Richardson's Newsround

Andrew Richardson's Newsround

What a day. It feels like everyone can be offended by anything on social media. I mean literally anything. Welsh national language, Iron Ring, SNP
donors, and the Torys are still in government. I have no opinion and am offended you think I should.

Still, plenty of Rugby to talk about. We'll sort of. No actual Rugby more the off the field stuff. Rumours of Zebres demise are ill founded. Turns out they're moving to Parma under the Italian federation. So good news. Depending on your point of view of course. Sadly the Pro 12 is driven by suits more and more and the poor level of Rugby seems to be insignificant as long as Judgment day, 1883 and the interpros go well!

Our mate @drivingmaul got his first pay check from YouTube. Definitely well chuffed for this guy. The effort he goes through, the sheer amount of Rugby he must watch and the excellent Lions coverage means that his whole pay check is well earned. It's not Gary Lineker money but a nice little earner!

The RFU has dropped the central contracts to the women's 15's team. Maggie Alphonsy is understandably upset and she is 100% right. This feels like a backward step. Although if Aviva Premiership clubs started to pay their female players a salary would this even be relevant or required. The IRFU started this trend in the Northern Hemisphere of central contracts and it sort of works. If the RFU have talent why can't they subsidise the women's game. Grassroots is a big deal. How many girls now play Rugby because of Maggie? Grow up RFU and be adult about this. Support women's 15's and 7's. You're the richest union globally! No excuse.

Oh and the Ulster Rugby Club shop won't let me see our new shirts! Gits!