Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - Karen Lenihan

Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - Karen Lenihan



My name is Karen Lenihan and I am 50 years old and live in White Notley, Essex. I am a huge fan of England and am delighted and proud to run both the @rugbyEng  and @rugbySam_  rugbyunited accounts. I have been a member of Richmond Rugby Club for many years, supporting then through the good times, their financial troubles to the present day. I have been a fan of England for over 25 years.




Quickfire Randoms..


1) Food- my favourite food has to be a great Chinese, especially Sweet and sour with spring rolls and prawn crackers. Yum.


 2) Drink - any good fruity red wine always goes down very well!


3)TV show- has to be the superb The Last Kingdom that was on and read all of the books and seriously hope that Series 3 will be done.


4) Film- Star Wars....queued 28 times to see it and it is still and always will be wonderful.


5)Holiday Destination- Greece..has a wonderful time in Pefkos, Rhodes exploring the Island and hope to return again one day. We went twice and loved the climate, food and friendly people.


6)Song- Written in Sand by Santana all of his work!


7)Band- Santana . Rather partial to 'old school' like Chaka Khan, Heatwave, In fact anything from the 70's  onwards Soul and Disco era!


8)Childhood hero/heroine- I can not believe I am about to admit this but George from the Famous Five and pretending I had a dog called Timothy.......


9) Animal- torn here...we have 5 cats, a large German Shepherd and I adore all of the above I think.


10)Guilty Pleasure-  All I'm prepared to admit is Tesco's Finest Millionaire cold dessert.. one is just not enough....




11) Earliest Rugby Memory-stewarding at Twickenham in 1992 ..hearing my first Swing Low  Sweet Chariot being sung in the ground and meeting the entire England team in the Rose Room after! Utterly hooked from that moment on.


12)Best Rugby Memory- to be honest I have many very happy memories over the years but the one that still makes me laugh happened at Rory Underwood's  testimonial. John (Hubby) was being rather annoying towards me when a voice suddenly said by mu ear "does Madam need any help" and I was amazed to see Martin Johnson next to me. John rapidly backed away!! He was a smashing chap to laugh and talk with...made my day.


13)Favourite Player Ever and Why- oooh a hard, hard one but I will be cliched and say Jonny Wilkinson for getting that drop goal, never screamed so loudly and also the gorgeous Ben Clarke who played for Richmond. Another great player and bloke who we met several times and I treasure my autographs and photos.


14)Favourite Stadium- Twickenham-so many memories and it's where my love of rugby began.


15)Best Game I Ever Saw and Why- Richmond winning the Division 2 title in 1996/1997. We had a mixed day with our Daughter refusing to run out as the team mascot and I was um on a comfort break when the cup was I missed it! Oh well...on to the bar...


16) One Law You'd Change in Rugby- have to think about that one....


17) Who's Your Clubs  'one to Watch- That is a tough one-so much young talent was shown in the England v Argentina games that I see them forming a part of England's future...the Curry brothers have a lot of potential and I can see  Denny Solomona growing and adding much more to his game. There is a lot of potential out there....


18)Favourite kit- need I answer to be the England white shirt.


19) Dream Signing For Your Club- anyone who will help England win the World Cup again.


20) Why Are You #rugbyunited- quite simply because I love the way it opens up the world of rugby and enables people of all teams to interact with each other across the world. What other forum  enables this to happen so easily and so quickly. What I love and will hopefully always love is that rugby allows everyone to mix both at a game or on Twitter and laugh, joke and talk about their favourite thing- the game. I sincerely hope that it will always be this way-players and fans interacting, laughing and talking about this wonderful sport from grass roots to the professional level. Always.


BONUS - Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck  or 10 duck sized horses

Has to be ten duck sized horses. I used to own a horse and never had a problem walking in to the field among other horses to get him-I understand their body language and horses. A horse size duck...that would totally throw me!!!

Karens nominee's - @RugbyRichmond (Karens husband!) @RugbyTonga and @RugbyCan_!