Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - @RugbySaleSharks - Heather

Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - @RugbySaleSharks - Heather

Hi everyone


I’m Heather aka @RugbySaleSharks!


I’ve lived in Merseyside pretty much all my life (University life in Cardiff and some time in London) – married with 2 rugby mad children, 15 year old Tom and 11 year old Annabelle who to be honest do most of my informed rugby tweets and whom I take a particular parental delight in embarrassing. Love being part of RugbyUnited and the online friends you make and incredibly proud to be a Sale Sharks season ticket holder. Immensely grategul to Sale Sharks for the support they give to running the account.


Biggest claim to fame is probably that I’ve kissed James Bond on many occasions – and going to leave it there!


Food: Love Italian food so probably lasagne (not too much Béchamel sauce ) with fresh bread, nice side salad.


Drink: Champagne daaahlings


TV Show: I rarely have control of the remote in our house but if I get the chance NCIS. Although I have reached the age as my best friend put it ‘you fancy Dinozzo but you’d probably end up with Gibbs’.


Film: Pretty in Pink – brings back my party years – recently introduced my daughter to it but she prefers The Breakfast Club (there’s a theme here!)


Holiday: I’ve always wanted to go to Rome and we went for my 50th. It was amazing. There was a heat wave in February, the children really enjoyed it, the food was amazing and we didn’t go into a single shop the whole week. The only problem was it was so magical and perfect I’m afraid to go back!


Song: ‘Through the Barricades’ by Spandau Ballet – just love it.


Band: Well my most recent concerts seem to feature One Direction and JLS! Husband loves Tom Jones and he is just amazing live. I have to confess to loving Opera but if I had to pick 1, it would probably be U2.


Childhood Hero: Emlyn Hughes – Liverpool FC Captain in the magical 70s and Gareth Edwards (Welsh father!)


Animal: I love pigs and piglets especially. I have a Tiger adopted at Chester Zoo but has to be our Staffy – Dolly. We got her from the Dogs Trust last year and she’s had a horrendous story but is just so loving and soft. She adores the children and they think she’s just a big cushion to be lain on!


Guilty Pleasure: Has to be a long bubble bath with glass of wine and a good (real) book


Earliest Rugby Memory: The Welsh team of the 70s, when it was still an amateur game! I remember watching Wales play at Twickenham for the first time with Gareth and JPR!


Best Rugby Memory: Has to be the 2003 World Cup Final. Tom was only 18 months so we had a big breakfast party at our house and I fed 20 people. The champagne was in and out of the fridge as the game swung. When Johnny kicked ‘that’ drop goal a friend of our Larry jumped straight into the air and broke our lovely chandelier but we didn’t care! Tom then got tipsy minesweeping people’s champagne as they put their glasses down – still kept him quiet for the rest of the day.


Favourite Player: I’m not currently allowed one as the children complain if I like someone he moves from Sale! (Charlie Aylesbury, Nathan Fowles, Danny Cipriani, Tommy Taylor)! Love James Haskell (except that he goes on to the referee all the time), love Owen Farrell and all the Sale boys. Great to see Denny in full flight and Paolo got some silky moves. Looking forward to James O’Connor – he really impressed me when Sale played Toulon last year.


Favourite Stadium: Not the AJ Bell! It’s a good stadium and the staff at my bar are lovely but the car park and leaving is horrendous. Probably Toulon’s – the view with the old city behind is just amazing and it’s usually sunny. Plus the fans are just great and we made so many friends last season.


Best Ever Game Seen: England beating Ireland at Twickenham on St Patricks Day a few years back!


One Law I Would Change: I still think the HIA protocol needs a continued eye on. When it works it works well but that’s not always the case.


My Clubs Player to Watch: Hard one -  Sale have got a lot of new talent coming in this year and it promises to be an exciting team. I’m looking forward to James O’Connor for lots of reasons! Think we’ll see more from Denny this season but it has to be Tom and Ben Curry (or is it Ben and Tom!). Two great lads with incredible work ethics – think we’re going to see more from them this year.


Favourite kit: Well spoiler alert don’t think the new Sale kit is great – liked last years but really got to be any worn by Stade Francais! Their shirts are just brilliant. Also much prefer 7s shirts.


Dream Signing: Got to be Owen Farrell!


Why are you #RugbyUnited? – well I love Twitter anyone – Trevor put the call out – I’d had a wine or 2 – son promised to supply the knowledge. Seriously met so many lovely people through it at so many clubs – even got some Castleford Tigers followers now and believe me that took some doing. I think what Trevor, Rich and Gemma have done is great and there’s nothing else quite like it.


Bonus: Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 20 duck sized horses?  Duck sized horses all day long!


I nominate @RugbyToulon and @RugbySaracens – my ‘pool pals’ from last year!