Getting to know you! - 20 Questions - Gareth from @Rugbywal

Getting to know you! - 20 Questions - Gareth from @Rugbywal

I'm Gareth Jones from Newport in South Wales,I run the @rugbywales and @rugbydragons accounts for #rugbyunited. 


Quickfire Randoms- 10 of your favourites-



1. Food - steak


2. Drink - real ale or craft beer


3. Tv show - any dark crime drama


4. Film - Star Wars 


5. Holiday destination - any Greek island 


6. Song- Kashmir by led Zeppelin 


7. Band- Led Zeppelin 


8. Childhood hero/heroine - Batman( my first words spoken were not mum/dad but 'batman') 


9. Animal - my jack Russell 


10. Guilty pleasure - cigar




11. Earliest rugby moment- being taken out of double sports in the first year of secondary school on a Wednesday  afternoon being put on a bus taken to Rodney Parade to watch Newport RFC play  The All Blacks ! 


12. Best rugby moment- has to be 2005 Six nations England v Wales at Twickenham and we had not beaten England away for 20 years so everyone had written off Wales chances of a win and we had a lot of banter walking to and in the stadium but that stopped after 80 minutes, as win we did and we went on to win the Six Nations that year !!!


13. Favourite player ever ?- David Campese 


14. Favourite stadium(apart from your own)- The Principality Stadium is the best rugby stadium in the world but if I had to choose another it has to be Hong Kong stadium for the Hong Kong 7's.

Where in the world would you get 120,000 sports fans from 22 nations in one stadium over 3 days ! 


15. Best game ever seen- 1988 wales v Scotland at the old Cardiff Arms Park. The two try's scored by Jonathan Davies and Ieuan Evans have to be two of the best try's I have seen.


16. One law you'd change in rugby


Don't let abuse to referees sneak into our game, harsher penalties to players who abuse match officials to stop it happening and to get the message across that we will not tolerate it in our game ! 


17.who is your clubs 'one to watch' ! - Ollie Griffiths is the up and coming forward in the Dragons squad, had a great season which he was rewarded with a call up to the Wales squad for their 2017 summer tour to the Pacific Island !

Another one who I think will bring his experience to the region is Gavin Henson, love him or hate him he has great rugby talent as long as he stays injury free he will thrive at the Dragons ! 


18. Favourite kit - any Wales kit !


19. dream signing for your club - any marquee player would make a difference to the Dragons but we are limited by funds so it will not happen for a few seasons.


20. Why are you #rugbyunited ? 


Thru the rugbyunited net work I have met so many great rugby fans across the UK and the world and I love talking about the sport we all love ! 


Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 10 duck sized horses? -  I don't believe in animal cruelty but I do enjoy a duck pancake roll with hoisin sauce !