Getting to know you - 20 questions with......@RichC_K

Getting to know you - 20 questions with......@RichC_K

Well I finally got a nomination, so it's my turn in the 20 Questions hotseat today!

My name is Rich Church-Keen, chef by day, social media addict by night. Born in Coventry, raised in Coventry, live in Dudley. Married with a 21 year old stepson, all 3 of us are rugby nuts, and with a former loosehead a former tighthead and a former hooker, we are the perfect front row! Absolute shedhead, Gloucester Rugby literally consumes my life, have converted my wife and stepson to the shedhead cause too, as well as several of my friends over the years! I also write a rugby blog, that you may have heard of (as you are on it!) and a non rugby blog that I use to vent my spleen every once in a  while. I've also dabbled with TV presenting, commentary, writing, vlogging, blogging and podcasting!

You can find me on that Twitter @RichC_K)

Quickfire Randoms- 10 of your favourites!

1 - Food - As a fat lad, it's hard to choose, takeaway pizza is up there, but from my own cookery, it's pork belly with chorizo mash

2 - Drink - If i'm on the pop, it's Cider, Old Rosie or Westons vintage - If i'm behaving, it's coffee

3 - TV show - Eastenders has been a 20 year constant with me, but also, GLOW on Netflix, really enjoyed that

4 - Film - Pulp Fiction

5 - Holiday destination - Anywhere in the Med. Greece, Cyprus, Ibiza.... I love the coastline/green hills combo, just stunning.

6 - Song - All time, Jeremy by Pearl Jam, most recently, Chandelier by SIA, her voice is amazing!

7 - Band - I don't think I have one. Most 90's grunge, Nirvana, Pearl Jam sorta bands are my staple listening.

8 - Childhood hero/heroine - Mike Teague

9 - Animal - Dogs. Just dogs..... love em all. Especially my gorgeous podcast/commentary sidekick, Daisy, my Spaniel

10 - Guilty pleasure - Wrestling. Im a huge wrestling fan. 

Rugby -

11- Earliest rugby memory - Probably not my earliest, but Gloucester vs England at Kingsholm was (I think) my first trip to Castle Grim. On the TV it was probably Rory Underwood, Will Carling et al being carried off the pitch by the pitch invading fans after a Grand Slam win

12- Best rugby memory - I have 2 standouts. Powergen Cup final 2003 - Gloucester smashed Saints to bring home the first silverwear I'd seen them win! Or the pre RWC friendly between England and Ireland with my Dad, we're a plastic Paddy family, so singing both anthems at a packed out Twickenham gave me goosebumps on my goosebumps.

13 - Favourite player ever (and why) - James Simpson-Daniel. An absolute wizard. If he'd not been so injury plagued he'd have had 50 England caps. 

14- Favourite stadium (apart from your own club) - I rather like Franklins Gardens (Northampton's ground) and also Stadium MK, technically not a rugby stadium, but a lovely place when I visited in the World Cup. Should mention Thomond Park too.... what an atmosphere!

15 - Best game you ever saw? (and why) - Although I only enjoyed the last 30 seconds when watching live, the 2003 Rugby World Cup final. What a rollercoaster!

16- One law you'd change in rugby - Straight feeds to scrums and lineouts. Jesus, that winds me up!!

17- Who's your clubs 'one to watch'? - Ben Vellacott - a speedy, snipey scrum half, already had a few eye catching cameo's for the first team, hopefully this will be his break out year

18- Favourite kit? -  It was a late 90's Gloucester change kit, A Cotton Traders shirt and white hoops with a red horizontal pinstripe in the white hoop. 

19- Dream signing for your club? - Beau Barrett - best in the world right now for me!

20- Why are you #rugbyunited? - I love the community feel. When you can talk rugby with people from all corners of the earth, it has to be a good thing, right? As we've grown,it's also been a dream second 'job', I've been able to have experiences that money can't buy all from this community, whether it's meeting players, attending Lions kit launches, training with the England wheelchair sevens team, or just having the platform to be alongside the paid media at the Premiership final or simply being recognised by Twitter friends at Murrayfield, Twickenham, Kingsholm etc. Rugby is a strange old sport, we can be fans of rival teams, yet rarely is there animosity like you get in other sports, we all realise that rugby is a shared love, no matter the teams colours

BONUS Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 10 duck sized horses?

10 duck sized horses. littler legs to catch me when I run away, and they can't climb trees, so if it was getting a bit tasty, I know I could escape. Plus, mini horses would be cute, a giant duck, TERRIFYING!

My nominations are.... Gemma Fox, Ancia Potgieter and Andrew Richardson!