An introduction to GRM

An introduction to GRM

You know us at #rugbyunited love to champion the people that like to help rugby grow, well last week I got talking to a guy called Shawn who runs Grassroots Rugby Media, who aim to spread the word of grassroots rugby. So Shawn has kindly agreed to write a blog for us to introduce himself and GRM to you.

This is the first of 3 straight days of blogs here, so make sure you come back to check on the others!

Over to Shawn!


Grassroots Rugby Media, the story so far.


Who, what, where, when?


As a Geography Teacher, this is usually the go to technique when explaining a scenario. I’m Shawn Boatin, 25, and from a small town in Hertfordshire. I started Grassroots Rugby Media 3 months ago, I play rugby and I am a bit of a camera nerd.

What is Grassroots Rugby Media?


Grassroots Rugby Media (GRM) has often been described as a “platform”, but what the devil does that mean? In short, the main purpose of GRM is to showcase amateur rugby talent through the means of cinematic rugby highlights (which I record and edit myself) and blog posts, which are mostly written by myself, but I often work with fellow amateur rugby fans such as John Mooney who writes brilliant match reports which I then share on my page. GRM has been a huge success so far

I’m a Hertfordshire boy, but I currently play amateur Rugby Union for Hullensians in Hull. An ambitious club with high standards. It was through playing rugby on the amateur circuit that I realised the distinct lack of coverage of players with immense talent, playing week in and week out. I thought it would be really cool for local lads to be able to watch themselves back in high-definition, not pixelated camcorder footage from 3 pitches away. There are 1.8 million registered amateur rugby player in the UK, many of which are highly talented but their success stories are poorly covered.


My sponsors have been brilliant, however we would love more investment in not just our enterprise, but grassroots as a whole. Everyone I meet is super supportive of what I do, and doing GRM has opened some rather large doors for me. It’s the intangibles which spur me on, like seeing the excitement on the youth players faces when they know they’ll be on our next highlights reel. I recently covered the Hull & District under 13s cup final, and it was great to capture A-Grade rugby talent from certain stars of the future, and the feedback I get from coaches and parents regarding the footage I release is always a massive boost.


Where would I like to see GRM in 5 years time?


At the moment 3 months into the creation of Grassroots Rugby Media, my videos receive anywhere between 4,000 to 12,000 views each, and in 5 years time I would like to see my videos reaching a substantially larger amount of people. I am also a “detail freak” and my current video quality (1080p) doesn’t do anything for me, I would really like to shoot videos in either 4K or more in order to really capture the details on the rugby field other videographers miss. 


At the end of the day I just hope GRM grows into the platform amateur rugby players deserve, which not only showcases the hard work on the field, but behind every club is a community and I really love showcasing the hard work done off the field also.


So there you go. Another up and comer in the rugby pantheon introduced to you lovely people!
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