Ranty Richardson - Jim Telfer

Ranty Richardson - Jim Telfer

Jim Telfer Rant        for context - some of Telfers ramblings can be found here - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-union/2017/01/31/jim-telfers-repeated-swings-england-already-livening-six-nations/

Some of the more eagle eyed readers of the RugbyUnited Blog may remember Rich’s epic ‘Jeffs a knob’ rant. I hope to a bit more calm and considered in my writing opinion.

For a well-respected rugby man, all the evidence points to the irritating fact that Jim Telfer is a xenophobic arse. Now I stipulate in a balanced view I agree on a certain point. Twickenham. Twickenham is the home of English Rugby. A revered place and certainly intimidating. That being said the growing crowd of non-rugby people heading to the England games is ridiculous. I don’t mind standing by someone who is there for an experience and is trying desperately hard to learn ‘just why Joubert holds his hands like that!’ I am fed up of the ‘I only watch International brigade.’ No idea whom  Stuart Hogg is let alone the legend that is Gavin Hastings. People that have grown up with the sultry tones of Bill McClaren will know of the joy of a ‘herd of elephants’ or ‘dancing in the streets of Edinburgh tonight.’ 

So why does Jim Telfer feel the need to go rabble rousing? His opinion matters. It really does, but if why bring politics into it. If you think Eddie Jones is the wrong guy for England fine. I respect that opinion. If you think that Finn Russell has a better chance at starting at Fly Half for the Lions than Farrell or Sexton, fine. I respect your experience and knowledge. To bring in politics and to attack the right minded rugby folk is plain wrong. Attack the idiots. Attack the muppets who think it’s a great excuse to get leathered and abuse referees and the opposition. 

You were wrong Jim. I am not jumping up and down, not getting a petition started to ban you from attending Twickenham again, not even going to ask you to apologise. If Scotland had an Eddie Jones character who has built up a team that was humiliated in their own world cup, I am sure you would be the first to crow. Does Hansen not want the All Blacks to win and defeat their opposition, what about Townsend? 
Arrogance is a word that is thrown about a lot towards England. The other five nations call it Pride.