Reality check

Reality check

Social media is abuzz with annoyed England fans complaining that Rokoduguni has been left out of the England squad despite a strong domestic showing this season and a Man of the Match performance over Fiji last weekend, the situation is almost carbon copy of what happened to Charlie Sharples a few years ago or the ongoing situation with Christian Wade. There are similar claims to Alex Goode and Danny Cipriani needing a shot, but do domestic stats necessarily mean you should be a first choice?

Looking at stats alone, Roko is a standout, but as well as him, the England team should currently include Will Chudley (Most Passes) Johnny Arr (3rd Most passes) Jamie George (joint top try scorer) Tom Savage (most tackles) Ben Morgan (2nd most tackles) Danny Cipriani (most assists) Josh Beaumont (2nd in lineout wins) Graham Kitchener (3rd in Lineout wins) Ed Slater (3rd in turnovers) Thomas Waldrom (Most carries) Cameron Neild (2nd most carries)  Olly Woodburn (3rd meters gained) and how many of them are currently in or around the England first 15? 1? Jamie George, England's second choice hooker. 

Daly is not listed in the top 3 in any category, but most fans seem delighted that he's getting a chance. You'd be hard pushed to find many England fans that would have put Robshaw in the England side 12 months ago, and the jackal master (and man of the series for the Saxons in the summer) Matt Kvesic seemed a shoo-in to be an integral part of the side, and look now, Robshaw has been excellent, and Kvesic is not even starting at club level.

It's frustrating being a fan, you always want to see 'your' boys get the call, I mean, if it was up to me, James Simpson-Daniel woulda been a 70 cap player, Pete Buxton would've had 50, Olly Morgan too..... but we have to support what is essentially one mans vision (and this bit applies to all rugby sides) and cheer on those with the honour of selection, especially during the summer tours and the Autumn series as there is little riding on the results and now is the time to try things out!

I feel for Roko, he's been great domestically and when he's had a shot in the England side, but Eddie clearly see's something that he either doesn't like, or something in someone else he wants to try, and it may all end up being a moot point when Nowell and Watson are fit to return and will likely take the wing spots back anyway. 

Too many form players.....It's a great problem to have isn't it!!!!