Richardson's rant! Banning tackling in school rugby!

Richardson's rant! Banning tackling in school rugby!

Another year, another pathetic, stupid, poorly researched, one sided, ridiculous article by professor at the University of Newcastle.

"Let's ban tackling in rugby in schools ". In essence Dr Pollock is correct reducing by producing tackling in schools you would reduce head injuries, neck injuries and the risk of concussion. What her research fails to show is child activity, teamwork development, and social well-being for students of all ages. Dr Pollock is now urging the Chief medical offices in the UK to ban tackling. I get genuinely angry when "Educated "people make these arguments without fully researching the subject. I don't buy into the laser counter argument of we will just ban pencils in schools or walking in the playground or conkers they're totally separate and actually add very little validity to the argument

If Dr Pollock had maybe recommended that children of certain size rather than ages in schools I would possibly find myself compelled by the argument. You only have to see videos on Facebook and Twitter that show childhood giants from the Pacific Islands running over children. That being said rugby is a game for all people of all sizes all abilities to find a position and play. I for one am very thankful to Salisbury rugby club to Wyben technology college in introducing me to rugby and the love of the game that I now have. Having England scrumhalf Richard Hill come to a training session was everything to me and Mike Brown go back to Salisbury and having training sessions with children is life changing for them.

My final shot in the dark to Dr Alison Pocock is leave the children alone let them play, listen to world rugby and listen to what world rugby doctors are doing to change the risk and the injury likelihood. Getting gauged in the conversation and don't just throw out completely blindsided one-sided argument that fit your own criteria and your own financial funding.

Cheers Andrew! For my 2 pennies, there are always things to do to make any sport safer, same as there are eays for cars etc, but the element of risk is still pretty small in rugby. I've had concussions, I've had several injuries including one that retired me from playing at 21. Would I never have played if I knew the outcomes? Of course I would have!
People like Dr Pocock Will not be happy til kids are in a secure, airtight little bubble and I understand about the safety of kids being paramount, but once you take away the fun stuff, what's left for them?
I doubt we will ever see the recommended tackle ban bought in, but there are far more sensible ways to keep kids safe. Proper coaching of techniques, matches made by size/weight rather than ages......
It seems Dr P pipes up with the same argument every couple of years. Maybe she should get out more. I'm sure there's a local rugby club she can visit.....