A rugby kid needs your help

I hope that your life hasn't been touched by cancer. I hope this post finds you & yours healthy & strong. 

If you have had a loved one diagnosed with a form of this disease or if you've had cancer, you know the emotional toll it can take. In some places, there are financial realities as well.

Our friends at Asia Rugby have been looking for financial help for one of their own. His name is Nurlan Balbarakov & he's from the Kazakhstan Rugby Union. His son Alrami, his one-year old son, has a rare cancer and is having an expensive operation in Seoul to try & save his life. After about a month of fundraising appeals, they have 6% of the cost raised. The surgery was due to happen yesterday pending one last test.

You can read more & see their fundraising page here. Please check it out.

I heard the story & I got in touch with Ross Mitchell (General Manager of Asia Rugby) and he told me that, "The Alrami story is a tragic one and we all feel for Nurlan & his family. Nurlan has been a longstanding stalwart of Kazakhstan Rugby and I would encourage all of our rugby family...if they possibly can...to help in whatever small way towards striving to get Alrami better."

And look, as the guy who runs @Rugby_Global , how could I not feel a deep connection to this story? I like to cover & watch and pay tribute to the hard working men & women who grow rugby in the shadows. Whether it's coaching a youth program in Barbados or building a women's sevens Olympic program or taking a country like Senegal to the Africa Cup, it's really admirable to see how much passion is involved. Those who love the game make so many opportunities possible. And frankly, if I can I help here, isn't something like this what #RugbyUnited was made for? Can we band together & put a big dent in this cost for them?

So, I'm asking you to do at least one of the following:

1. Please donate if you can afford to. Look, I'm poor. I get it. I chipped in $10 but if you don't have it....you don't have it.

2. If you can't donate, please retweet this post...share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thank you so much for your time and for your help.

Dan Mason - @Rugby_Global