Samoa, not a Pacific problem but a Rugby Problem. - Andy Richardson

Samoa, not a Pacific problem but a Rugby Problem. - Andy Richardson

First off, apologies to Andrew, I've been sat on this blog for a couple of days, but real life has got in the way so it's a tad overdue. 

Secondly, I've added the link to the crowd funding page. Please give if you can.

Thirdly. After England players, led by Mako Vunipola originally offered £1000 per player - a spokesman today has confirmed this will NOT happen, though the RFU will donate £75k.

Finally, the 'solutions' Andrew has offered in the blog will divide opinion. But remember, if we knew a solution, it would have been done.


Over to Andrew!



The sad news out of Samoa’s tour to the North is that their union is now bankrupt. Dan Leo is leading the way with a great initiative of a page ( He is quite right in the facts that his £150000 target is achievable with just £1 per seat at Twickenham and Murrayfield. Nick Williams, now at Cardiff Blues is equally vocal in his support. However this is a plaster. The cure is much stronger, harsher and will require huge leadership from World Rugby. A few thoughts. 


1. Postpone the Six Nations. Let the six tier one sides tour Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. 

2. Price the tickets accordingly to the national average salary. 

3. Postpone the Rugby Championship. Carry out actions 1&2. 

4. World Rugby delegate a representative to sit on the board in Samoa. Actively accounting for spend. 

5. We realise that Samoa’s woes are not that of England, New Zealand et al, but of all in the Rugby World. 


All Pacific Islanders play rugby, qualifying for tier one nations through residency rules. They don’t do this to upset their own nation but to simply support their families. That’s what it comes down too. To lose the Pacific Islanders through reported corruption is reprehensible. I am only an observer from the outside, and I’m sure Bill Beaumont and Brett Gosper are looking at all options to resolve this problem. For all I hope the situation is resolved speedily. I’m sure I speak for all the #RugbyUnited account managers when we wish #ManuSamoa the very best going forward.