What have we learned from the Premiership this week? - round 3

What have we learned from the Premiership this week? - round 3

History making start!

After 3 rounds every side has at least 1 defeat. This is a first for the Premiership and shows just how open this season will be!

With the Lions Tourists back in the fold and International windows not being too far away, it's hard to see who will take a strangle hold on the division....which let's face it, is bloomin' wonderful for us fans!

Haskell's short fuse!

England teammates Haskell and Marler made the headlines for the wrong reasons in Quins win away at fortress Ricoh. It was a strange old situation, starting with what looked like some kind of Turkish massage on the floor, followed by Marler trying to wash some dirt off of Hasks shirt with a squirt of a water bottle and ended with Haskell grabbing Marler by the neck in a double handed choke. There's an extended link to the incident here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJjMDIvkIwY

I've seen several different stories about what started it from the Twitterati, but it wasn't a shining moment in rugby, for sure. The rough stuff, you kind of accept, but hearing Haskell saying to the ref about being squirted in the face with water (the water doesn't seem to touch his moneymaker though to be fair) and complain about being choked by his scrumcap again, this is arguable a) as they have a velcro strap and b)I'm not sure it was a deliberate attempt at murder as he had hold of the cap around Hasks ear.... well, it was all a bit Primary School, wasn't it. At least they hugged and made up. What happens on the field, stays on the field.

American Dreams!

Well, the often insulted Premiership American match happened this week, as Newcastle were beaten by Saracens in Philadelphia (the city, not the cheese spread - although watching 30 guys try to play rugby in spreadable dairy deliciousness may garner a bigger crowd)

To be fair, there were 6271 confirmed attendees, which isn't all that bad, but in a (roughly) 19'000 capacity stadium, it looked awful on television and in the press.Still, it's just the second Premiership match to be played in the US so you can't fully write off the American Adventure just yet. At least the Americans in the crowd would have gone home happy in the fact that one of their own grabbed a try with Chris Wyles spinning through 

With 3 years left on the contract for the American matches, there is certainly room for improvement and time to make that improvement, but whoever get's the nod for the US roadtrip next season will have to be committed to the cause to stand a chance of tapping into the local markets!

Aside from this, I haven't had a chance to watch much rugby this week, so I won't be giving my weekly awards and this chapter will be slightly shorter than the previous 2, my apologies for that, I'm headed to Gloucester vs Worcester this week, so hopefully will get a tale or 2 in that match to bring to you next week, and if you're attending that match, give me a tweet and I'll try and meet you to say hi!

Until next week!