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We are a digital communications organisation that brings rugby together on social media.

Through twitter, we bring together over 500,000* users who follow our rugbyunited accounts. These accounts represent 150 nations and professional rugby clubs, who unite to provide the worlds largest network of rugby fans.

Log on to twitter and search the #rugbyunited hashtag ( and join in the conversation! Represented in nearly 60 countries and in 24 different languages, rugbyunited is ran by rugby fans, for rugby fans!

(* correct as of July 2016)

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  • Rich's Rugby Ramble

    Rich's Rugby Ramble

    Premiership takes shape!

    On the pitch, it's been a mixed bag of rugby this weekend, Saracens stormed back against Newcastle to seal the Premiership's top...

  • @rugbySaleSharks meets Will Addison

    @rugbySaleSharks meets Will Addison

    Sale Sharks proudly proclaims itself as the ‘only Premiership Rugby Union club in the North West’. We like plain talking up here. For all Sale...

  • My favourite 15 that I've ever seen!

    My favourite 15 that I've ever seen!

    There seems to be a new habit on Twitter where anything I say see's me getting a torrent of abuse from people telling me I'm...

  • Serbia vs Denmark - match report by Andrew Richardson

    Serbia vs Denmark - match report by Andrew Richardson

    The weather in Belgrade was cracking 29 degrees and about 30% humidity. The newly crowned 80th best International side was prepping to play the intimidating...

  • 2016 Langford Women's Sevens Preview

    2016 Langford Women's Sevens Preview

    By Dan Mason - @Rugby_Global 

    Three tourneys down. Three Aussie wins. The Series Championship looks safe but this weekend offers a real opportunity for another...

  • 2016 Singapore Sevens Preview!

    2016 Singapore Sevens Preview!

    Preview by Dan Mason - @Rugby_Global on Twitter 


    I admit it. I'm still recovering from the Hong Kong Sevens. I do enjoy the...

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