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(* correct as of July 2016)

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  • 2017 Singapore Sevens Preview

    2017 Singapore Sevens Preview

    There are just three rounds remaining in the 2016-17 HSBC Sevens World Series. Time flies when you're having fun, right? We're in Singapore this weekend...

  • Lions Pride - the final draft

    Lions Pride - the final draft

    Yes, I'm finally writing my last Lions selection! After increasing my squad to 42 last time, I'm now condensing it to the expected 37!

  • 2017 Hong Kong Sevens Preview

    2017 Hong Kong Sevens Preview

    With all the talk of Hong Kong 10's and the Qualifiers, the granddaddy of them all is still on schedule! The Hong Kong Sevens is...

  • 2017 Men's Sevens World Series Qualifier Preview

    2017 Men's Sevens World Series Qualifier Preview

    Unlike the Women's Qualifier, which had a clear favorite in South Africa going in, this picture is much more cloudy. Germany & Hong Kong featured...

  • 2017 Women's Sevens World Series Qualifier Preview

    2017 Women's Sevens World Series Qualifier Preview

    I LOVE the Qualifier tourneys for the World Series (Men's & Women's) and this one should be an excellent test for all 12 sides. Sadly,...

  • Rich's rugby ramblings

    Rich's rugby ramblings

    Well....been a while ain't it! my apologies for not blogging in  while, work and life has got in the way the past few weeks.


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