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We are a digital communications organisation that brings rugby together on social media.

Through twitter, we bring together over 500,000* users who follow our rugbyunited accounts. These accounts represent 150 nations and professional rugby clubs, who unite to provide the worlds largest network of rugby fans.

Log on to twitter and search the #rugbyunited hashtag ( and join in the conversation! Represented in nearly 60 countries and in 24 different languages, rugbyunited is ran by rugby fans, for rugby fans!

(* correct as of July 2016)

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  • Andrew Richardson's rugby roundup!

    Andrew Richardson's rugby roundup!

    After some thought I realised that not every blog I write must be a rant. So breaking with tradition I thought I'd write about the...

  • "I would NEVER let my daughter play rugby"

    "I would NEVER let my daughter play rugby"

    A couple of days ago, our friends at @HeartofWales7s posted a truly great blog by @tesniphillips who had posted a great blog on a site...

  • Andrew Richarson talks English rugby!

    Andrew Richarson talks English rugby!

    Note from Rich :- Andrew sent this to me before Wasps mullered moneybags Toulon, so don't blame him for that result being missing! It's my...

  • Rest in Peace, Jonah

    Rest in Peace, Jonah

    Kiwi wingers always seem to be stars,in my era as a rugby fan, we've seen huge talents pass through from Kirwan to Savea, but one name...

  • Rich's ranty ramble returns!

    Rich's ranty ramble returns!

    I've been trying to think of a blog topic for a few days now, but the events in Paris, as well as many other areas...

  • My England application....

    My England application....

    Dear Ian, Ian, Ian, Sir Ian and.... erm ..... Ben,

    Following your sterling work in the complex and totally unexpected departure of Stuart Lancaster, I...

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