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Rugby Canada and USA Rugby

There has been a lot on social media this week folllowing the announcement that there will be a new professional league in North America, commencing April 2016. There has been great debate on how it will look, which cities will get teams, where the pool of talent will come from, who it will most benefit, and who risks being left out in the cold.



    Over the last 12 months, for a bit of fun, we’ve collated league tables for our #rugbyunited accounts! Since the start of the Rugby Word...

  • Andrew Richardson gives us a match report! Serbia vs Slovenia!

    Andrew Richardson gives us a match report! Serbia vs Slovenia!

    Well no Internationals on. No Rugby World Cup. Ahhhh well Pro 12, and Aviva it is then. Nope!! Not for me. I was generously invited...

  • Canterbury Bag British & Irish Lions Contract

    Canterbury Bag British & Irish Lions Contract

    When Canterbury ask you to keep your diary free, you tend to do it. It tends to be for something amazing. This time they...

  • Theme XV -Players forced to retire early

    Theme XV -Players forced to retire early

    With the increased physicality of rugby nowadays and the demands on players in training, we have lost several great players to injury way too early....

  • Sam Burgess - legacy wasted?

    Sam Burgess - legacy wasted?

    So Sam Burgess has buggered off to the land of poisonous spiders, kangaroo's and Kylie Minogue quicker then Craig Joubert leaving the pitch after a...

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